La Dolce Vita Bouquet

We make your blooming bouquet everlasting


La Dolce Vita Bouquet

Preserved hand bouquet

Dried flower / hand-bouquet in luxurious 3D frame

Kami memberikan jasa pengawetan hand bouquet dalam frame premium 3D. Untuk memudahkan calon pengantin, kami memberikan servis penjemputan hand bouquet setelah acara di tempat resepsi kamu.

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La Dolce Vita Bouquet

Pricelist / Packages

30 x 30 cm

Suitable for bouquet from your lover or bouquet of your anniversary, graduation, and birthday.

50 flowers are the maximum amount of flowers (recommended)

30 x 40 cm

This size is perfect for your wedding bouquet and your groom boutonniere. Simple on its best!

40 x 60 cm

Mission completed! Having your wedding bouquet, boutonniere, invitation, and small souvenir in one frame.

60 x 90 cm

Ever after! If you have 2 wedding bouquets, keep the both with all your wedding stuffs (boutonniere, invitation, small souvenir)


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