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What’s the difference between Silver, Gold and Diamond Package?2017-09-08T16:13:56+07:00

In general, Gold and Diamond package offer more flexibility to customize the layout and features. Detailed comparison can be accessed at following URL : https://bowbei.com/package

I don’t need RSVP feature. Can I disable it?2017-09-08T16:13:06+07:00

Yes, every section can be removed based on your preferences

My wedding is on next 2 years? When can I submit an order?2017-09-08T16:10:40+07:00

You can submit the order as soon as possible to get current pricing and this also to book our team resource. We can hold the project until the content is submitted to us

Can you create a company website/personal website for me?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

We specialize in wedding website, but we can also create a website for a different kind of event or business, personal website, portfolio, e-commerce, etc. Just contact us and we’ll help you to develop it!

Do you offer customizations to existing design/themes?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

Of course! We can personalized the design and content based on your requirements.

What is web hosting?2017-09-08T16:08:54+07:00

Web hosting is like the land where you build your house. This is the space on the Internet where you place your website’s files. It is a service that allows your website to be viewed on the Internet.

What is a domain?2015-07-02T20:32:57+07:00

A domain name is your address on the internet. Typically this would be something like www.something.com , we can purchase a domain for certain period (1 year or more) and you can use it as your website address. For example : romeoandjuliet.com

Will my website work on mobile devices?2015-07-02T20:30:46+07:00

Yes it will. All the websites we design will display beautifully and intuitively on all devices

Can I see my website while it’s in progress?2017-09-08T16:05:07+07:00

Yes, we provide a client’s dashboard to show you the information regarding the pending items and our development progress.
You can also visit your website while the work is in progress.

What type of web server does Bowbei.com use?2016-11-15T22:03:20+07:00

We use premium hosting provided by SiteGround with 99,99% uptime guarantees . The servers  are located in Singapore.

I am totally new to this “website thing”. How does the whole process work?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

Simply pick your favorite themes and contact us. Then we will send you a client registration form where you can choose features you like to display on your web, then provide your wedding information such as your name, your marriage date, and your photos. We will take care of the rest

Are there any recurring charges?2016-11-15T22:08:37+07:00

No. You will be charged only 1 time, no hidden fees, no monthly nor annual fees, all support and services including domain renewal has been included in the package (1 year for Silver & Gold Package, and 3 years for Diamond Package)

Can I limit the RSVP functionality to only my wedding guests?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

Yes, we can set the RSVP page with password to prevent any unwanted person RSVP-ing your wedding, you can distribute the password only for your wedding guests.

How do payment terms work?2015-07-02T18:16:08+07:00

50% after confirmation of contract , 50% upon the final project

What are the available payment system to use your service?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

Cash, Bank transfer, or PayPal (for overseas client)

How far in advance should your client make an order?2015-07-02T18:14:34+07:00

1 month in advance is enough for us

What is your average time to complete the website?2016-10-20T22:54:00+07:00

1 week – 1 month, 2 weeks at average, it depends on the completeness of the data from our client’s

Do you provide services in other cities or countries?2016-11-15T22:07:38+07:00

Yes, we serve worldwide. We have many clients outside Indonesia

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